Version 1.1

Thanks to everyone that donated before the release yesterday! The final version was uploaded late last night under the name 'AutobahnChaosV1.1'

I feel I'm not done working on the game at this point, I would like to come back and add more to this free version at some point for a much better V1.2 release that gives people a better experience playing the game, a lot of feedback has been given on the difficulty; especially people having trouble maneuvering around the trucks. I feel the game could be more finely tuned in a lot of ways, parts of it feel like a slog and not as fun as it could be and the length of the main level feels a little too long. 

Anyway, constructive feedback and comments left at the bottom of the games page are always welcome and give me something to consider while planning the next update. I definitely have some plans to come back and tweak the length of the first level to make it less of a slog, break up some of the monotony and difficulty of the trucks with more variety, more frequency to the variety of enemies that appear instead of old ones re-spawning over and over for set periods, and maybe a new level with some new enemies. I have an idea for a bonus level that has me excited to share V1.2 here soon. :)

Lastly, as always thanks for your time and taking interest in this project.  xoxo

- Jim


AutobahnChaosV1.1.exe 100 MB
Mar 02, 2018

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